Daniel James
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British, Canadian
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San Francisco, CA
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Employment & Projects
VP Content, SEGA Networks, Inc. | Three Rings 11/2013 - 4/2014
Designer & CEO, Three Rings Design, Inc. San Francisco CA 3/2001 - 11/2013

Founding Designer and CEO of an online games company. In July 2001 began work on Puzzle Pirates, skill, economy and crew oriented MMOArrPG. Six scallywags shipped alpha in 10/2002, launched 12/2003. Attracted a modest following. Opened virtual currency servers in early 2005, grew rapidly and shared data with the developer community.

Raised ~$8m over three rounds of funding, notably from Amicus and True Ventures, and continued to push the boat out, shipping: Bang! Howdy an MMO turn-based strategy game, Whirled a player-created web virtual goods market, world and game portal, Corpse Craft macabre puzzle-strategy and Spiral Knights charming console-style 3D action MMO.

Brave forays were also made into experimental Flash games, Facebook games, movie-based kids games, worlds in time with Doctors and other antics. Many good parties, Pirate and otherwise, were thrown. Following a succesful partnership with SEGA over Spiral Knights, Three Rings was acquired in November 2011. The studio still operates from its splendid steampunk submarine offices in San Francisco

Consultant, Entrepreneur, Berkeley CA 10/1999 - 3/2001

Developed designs, business plans and lunatic schemes. Consulting clients included Electronic Arts, Skotos Tech. and Launch Media.

Designer, Writer, Middle-earth, Sierra On-line, Bellevue WA / Oakhurst CA 7/1998 - 9/1999
An MMO based on JRRT's works. World design, quest system, Tolkien lore, community, design documents and business planning. The Yosemite division of Sierra was closed and key Middle-earth team members relocated to Seattle. Middle-earth was cancelled six months later.
Co-founder, Director, Sense Internet, Leeds, UK 1995-2010
Sense was a successful web house. Clients included Traevelodge, Helly Hansen, Rizla, British Airways and Yorkshire Electricity.
Various Startups 1994-1998
Concocted various wild schemes including: a promotional web-based multi-user business simulation game for Andersen Consulting, games studio D3 Design, Avalon spin-off Lands of the Crown on Minitel. Fought for and lost the online game rights to 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit'.
Co-founder, Developer, Avalon, London, UK 1989-1996
Developed game design and wrote thousands of descriptions for scenes, characters and interactions. Coded and scripted quests and game systems. Customer service, community and events. Avalon operated initially as a dial-up service, then expanded to include location-based 'Host-Play' and moved to the Internet in 1994. Developed & web site including graphics and Java client. Managed general business, marketing, development contractors, customer service and in-game and live events. Avalon was one of the first commercial Internet games, competing with a host of free MUDs.
Librarian, Computer consultant, Temporary secretarial work 1987-1990
Wizards Guide and Solution sheets for CompuServe British Legends (MUD1) 1984
First Class BA Honours, Computing and Philosophy, Leeds University, Leeds, UK 1990-1994
Developed multi-user live courseware platform for final project.
Hammersmith and West London College, London, UK 1987-1989
A Levels: Maths, Physics, History, all grade A.
Holland Park School, London, UK, 8 O, 2 A/O Levels 1982-1987
Devoted father, husband and dog walker.
Online games since Essex MUD in 1982, made Wizard & coded first MUD in '83.
Student, assistant instructor and 501c president of Quantum Martial Arts.
Reading fiction and non-fiction. Wide tastes, a novel on the back-burner.
Drawing, mostly comic-book style doodles. Reformed comics author and DJ. Unreformed dancer.
Art, Design and the making of oddities. Burning Man parrrticipant.
Formerly macabre fascination with dead games: thecan.org.
Cautious, cynical Extropian.
International family background and widely traveled. A bit of French.
2007-2014Annual GDC virtual goods roundtable, various other speaking engagements inc. data dumps on Whirled 2009 and Facebook games and other laundry in 2010.
2006.11KGC/G*Star, Korea Speaker: Bringing the Item-based Model to the Western Market | PPT
2006.11Project Horseshoe Invited attendee and Tom Baker impersonator
2006.9Austin Game ConferencePanelist: Burning Man and Games | Microcurrency | Beyond Subscription
2006.5E3 Panelist: The next frontier in funding
2006.5Girls n GamesPanelist: International
2006.5SDForum Panelist: The Virtual World Value Chain
2006.3GDC Speaker: Bang! Howdy: Nuggets and Rustlin' Tips
2006.3GDC Roundtable moderator: Free to Play! Pay for Stuff: The Digital Content Sales Frontier
2005.10Austin Game ConferencePanelist: "I'm Bid Four Quatloos for the One Ring; Do I Hear Five?" (Virtual Goods)
2005.10Austin Game ConferenceModerator: User Created Content; Boom or Bane?
2005.10Ludium IInvited to Judge contest results of this innovative conference
2005.7Casual Games Conference Panelist: Multiplayer
2005.5E3 Moderator: Finding the new sweet spot in casual, downloadable games
2005.3GDC Speaker: Puzzle Pirates: Lessons from an Indie MMOG | PPT
2005.3GDCPanelist: Issues and Implementations in Multiplayer Game Development | PPT
2004.10State of Play Demo of Puzzle Pirates
2004.9Austin Game ConferencePanelist: Designing for the Wide Audience
2004.5E3 Panelist: Sustaining a Virtual World: What it Takes to Launch and Sustain a Profitable and Fun Persistent World Game
2004.4Games and Mobile ForumPanelist: Online Games: Identifying Business Opportunities in an Evolving Market
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