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An aged map.
This ancient scroll is yellowed, its frayed corners crumble into dust
at your touch. A strange device illuminates its head, a gateway to the
endless voluminous shelves of Alexandria:

Google | Reader | Maps Below this arcane notation spreads a vibrant map of a myriad continents, hidden realms and extraordinary places, each one marked with a line of silver text written in a flowing hand. Ye Towne Squares and Merchants My Yahoo, maybe your Yahoo, too | Movies | Samskivert movies Slashdot for geek gossip | Kuro5hin | Techdirt which is a bit neater BBC News is very good The Economist splendid, splendid Amazon and my wishlist Craigslist bay area 'stuff' | SF Station baytainment | Earthquakes | Citysearch Ye Alternative Towne Criers Alternet with some back-atcha | Common Dreams | Znet Nanodot is scary Ye Taverns oft Visited the sixth-best website in the whole world. NTK which is splendid & jolly good, old bean The Onion is funny aggregates satire from around the whirled. Gaming Rooms Grand Text Auto | Many to Many | | Got Game? The Future of Play | Game Girl Advance | Game Research | Waterthread nascent cemetary for dead games Gamasutra a decent games developers site | Game Developers Conference | thedc Slasharama: | Plastic Games | LostUniverse IGDA developers assocation, Online Games SIG Fatbabies an indecent game gossip site | Mushroom | Old Man Murray Vault Network | Stratics | Blues News home of the excellent mud-dev list | Raph Skotos the geocities of MUDs (with a business model) Playsite classic games | | Zone | Yahoo! Games Mud Connector a thousand MU*'s to wander & wonder Illuminated Manuscripts Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics Salon for the comics esp. WayLay | Electric Sheep Houses of Good and Ill Repute Rent-a-Geek my father's modest personal site Paul | Karen, Jeremiah, Par | mdb | Ray | Ryan | Justin Sense Internet sites: Rizla | BA Press | HH Workwear Avalon wish they'd change this web site Ye Olde Dusty Historic Vaults of the Future The Cathedral and the Bazaar seminal open-source advocacy Crypto-Anarchy, untax, seeya government, ++good | see also Electric Communities The Singularity as coined by Venor Vinge on Extropy because we can all live forever, um yeah Foresight Institute ... and here's why The more you study it, each location and feature of the map's landscape unfurls to reveal hidden details, unknown vistas. You feel entranced, willing to study the map forever, growing steadily weaker until becoming a shade, slipping away into to myth. - exits You shake your gaze away, blinking in the sun. You can return to the dusty old main street or turn the map over.