Immortality Results

Total: 277 Average age: 30
Uploads: 165 Average age: 32
Clones: 177 Average age: 33
Pills: 213 Average age: 31

Immortals and Mortals

Name Age Upload Clone Pill Comments
Daniel James 29 Yes No Yes I'm too attached to my soggy stuff. I'm also quite a fan of the idea of being one of the last old people on the block. Upload seems very benign, to me.
Karen 35 No Yes Yes Yes, with a lot of 'ifs'.

If I am a happy person. If I have something important to occupy my brain. If G.W. Bush hasn't destroyed the world. If a better dipilatory solution is found. If I can have a pony....and so on.....

Brooke 24 Yes Yes Yes It creeps me out that I've answered yes to all the questions, but...
Rob Cockerham 32 Yes Yes Yes These are difficult questions to answer. They make me feel a little selfish & vain.
Shyam Markus 26 Yes Yes Yes
Paul Phillips 28 Yes Yes Yes I think anyone who says "no" to any of these questions is high, high, high out of their mind! Good god! What happens to people!?!? Now I'll go look at the responses and see what sort of sick reasons people offered as to why they might say no. Those losers. Yea for immortality!
Allan James 67 Yes Yes Yes I don't believe in "life after death", so any form of continued existence seems to me to be preferable to ceasing to exist.
Janus Anderson 29 No Yes Yes Hey Dan - you should add an entry about gradual physical body replacement with computer circuitry and machine elements.
Michael Bayne 28 Yes Yes Yes
Isobel Francis Schofield 26 No Yes No #1-There is an assumption that when uploaded, our consciousness becomes truly free--free of the body, free of physics, free from emotional irrationality, etc. To me this seems to be a clear modern transference of the Christian Heaven-myth. My worry with the notion of ‘uploading’ into heaven is that it relies heavily on trust of a grand human good. Why do we assume that these mass numbers of consciousnesses would be allowed to roam free, digesting novels and mathematics and writing pithy emails? I think that they would probably be put to work and used rather as a natural resource. I would not want to be part of that thought-factory. #2-yes, but just because this is reincarnation re-thought. I would only do it right at the end of the natural life of this lifetime however. I don't believe in avoiding the uncomfortable processes of life (i.e. our discussion about avoiding adolescence) #3. I want to feel the full extent of my lifespan, not just my 20's. Please take all answers with a grain of salt. My body is fully working right now, and I do not understand the full weight of what it is like to have your body stop working.
Ray Greenwell 27 Yes Yes Yes My only concern is with uploading, and is that it copies my person without transporting my consciousness. Immediately after upload, my software self will be a different person, unconnected with the concerns of my physical self and far ahead of me on thinking anything through. Unless I was immediately euthanized, I would feel mentally inadequate next to my software self. Since it's not me, I see the upload as being little different than fathering a child: I will be gone, but this piece of me (in this case, my unique brain) will live on. But since it's a copy of me instead of a new person with half of my genes, it seems egocentric, like constructing a giant statue of myself rather than a useful building. If my software self would someday help humanity, then great, but otherwise I fear he'd be a selfish bastard intent on wiping out the flesh creatures. I'd still probably do it.
janniqua 28 Yes Yes Yes hmmm...whatever it takes i suppose...does the pill have side effects and do any of the above capture moments in time and sustain them?...for that the world at a given moment would also have to be cloned...i'm all for speedy social change but sometimes wish that moments (mind, body, place in the world) could be immortal...or at least accessible from time to time...
sheila 55 No No No
Joan 67 No No No The trouble is... Uploading requires storing software on a computer where it could be downloaded by some Warezer who would make endless ecopies of one's precious bodily essences thus creating the danger of running into yourself in Walmart. No fun in that. Cloning is equally dangerous. Given the perilous errors of human intervention, one would likely end up on a shrub crying "Help me" in a very tiny voice. The Pill appears to be the best choice, until it dawns that one might possibly be most happy at a very mature age when life has finally settled into comfort and daily joy. Unfortunately, by that time you probably look god-awful and nobody would think you were worth preserving.Therefore, since life is a voyage of discovery, full of mystery and surprise, I think I'll stay put and count on a nice surprise at the end.
Luke 29 No Yes Yes
wymond 15 Yes Yes Yes
Alex 17 No Yes Yes This really made me think. Wow.
nikki 31 Yes Yes Yes
Norman 44 Yes Yes Yes Whatever it takes :)
Tom 32 Yes Yes Yes Life is like a book that you don't want to put down... I'm always eager to find out what happens on the next page. (That and if I don't get to see the year 3000 I'm going to be VERY upset!)
Crystal 17 No No Yes i don't want to grow old
Louise 19 No Yes Yes
Mike Grace 33 No No No God forbids immortality with out redemption. Read Genesis. If man ever figures out how to defeat death, God will anihilate civilization.
Darcia 31 No No No Has it occurred to anyone that human immortality might have adverse consequences? If it is a physical immortality then we would have a serious overpopulation problem resulting in mass starvation. When there are food shortages, war always follows. There is also the aspect of the God like power that the immortality providers will have. They have the ultimate black mail tool, do as I say or you can't live forever. In a sence the immortality pill would be the ultimate drug epidemic complete with it's drug dealers. I think nature has made it clear that death and disease are tools of a balanced ecology. People who want to live forever are shortsighted and immature.
Nick Santos 33 No No No As a matter of ethics and empathy for the human race, I don't want an Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin, or other chronic ass living forever. Death has it's benefits too, it gets rid of the jerks we have to put up with for a few decades! Until human nature changes into a nobler state, I think immortality is a reckless idea.
Jerry Atrick 86 No No No I'm an old fart that has fought in a war or two. This is all pretty strange stuff to me. My generation thought such ideas were just fairy tails, I think they still are. I find it interesting that all the would be immortals so far have been in their twenties and thirties. I think that is a symptom of the self indulgent society we have created. I would be fine with everyone living for ever as long as we made a hell on earth for the evil immortals!
Barbara 32 No No No
rebecca 15 Yes No No
Jack Mea Oph 25 Yes Yes Yes I really like the download idea because I like the prospect of being my own God in my own virtual world. I could rape, rob, and murder without having to worry about the pigs coming to take me to the slammer.
rgrant 28 Yes Yes Yes why not?
steve 17 No No Yes
John Qcit Izen 33 Yes Yes Yes Old scratch has finally gotten us on the track of immortality again. He said before, "Surely you will not die." We don't need a savior, a redeemer, forgiveness of sin, or God's silly tree of life. We don't need God. We will be Gods as soon as we figure out immortality with the aid of science. I say we send a mandate to the federal government demanding the funding of immortality research. What better goal is there to spend our hard earned tax dollars on?!
shannon 19 No No Yes
Rebecca 26 Yes Yes Yes
kathryn 24 Yes No No hmm... maybe the pill if i can linger "as a prime" for centuries.
margarita 16 No Yes Yes i am suicidal, so i am contemplating if i'll have problems with the whole "forever" thing...
Matt Powell 20 Yes Yes No Perhaps the reluctance to agree with the pill is chronic laziness/forgetfullness. Yet, neither of the other two is abhorrent
Ant 17 Yes No Yes
claudia 28 No No No nature prevails in her most perfect complexity. what happens to transformation cycles in this scenario? mortality is a powerful motivator. plus i think i'd miss the muscle memory of experiences accumulated thus far..
Diana Anderson 40 Yes Yes Yes
Robert C. Lawrence 58 Yes Yes Yes
kevin 33 No No Yes
Darren 18 No Yes No
eric 32 Yes Yes Yes
jeremy bornstein 36 Yes Yes Yes Well duh!
Ula 26 No Yes No Hello, I want to know, every body got these ways? Or only it's me to be specially young forever? Because if it's every body then I think well what so special? And we probably get an overpopulace.
Muffy Barkocy 37 Yes Yes Yes Yes to all, but I never want to be 16 again! Maybe 17...*grin*...
Funky Soup 18 No No Yes
Jacob Martin 24 Yes Yes Yes Tranhumanism all the way, bay-be !!
Mia 34 No Yes Yes
Nathaniel Wilson 21 Yes Yes Yes
Nathaniel Wilson 21 No Yes Yes Life is all about the experences why download a copy of your mentality and die eventialy when you can do it and see the look on everyones face
Tom 32 Yes Yes Yes Can I make up exciting combinations of these thrilling options?
Marc 35 No No No What's the point of none of life's questions have to get answered?
Rik Gruber 27 No No Yes The upload and clone would just be copies. Not really me. I don't want a replica of me to live forever. I want this me to live forever.
duo 23 Yes Yes Yes Immortality could have it's pleasures and it's pains. I think the pill method, being able to age once again, is probably the nicest solution, as you can continue the process of dieing once you grow tired of being immortal.
Ben Larson 23 Yes Yes Yes
WhiteTiger 28 Yes No No I like the idea of having one's self uploaded and 'saved,' yet my body, as good as it is right now, has physical problems that I would not want to have at another point in my life. I wouldn't like to experience some of the agony that I've dealt with in my life because if it.
Jacob L. Larson 21 Yes Yes Yes If it lets cause chaos longer hell yeah!
Michael 36 No Yes Yes
kevin 30 No Yes Yes
Jennifer 29 Yes Yes Yes
Roz Palmer (you know me!) 49 No Yes Yes Have you read, "The Golden Age"? It's a trilogy, and I loved book 1 but was let down by book 2. Next thought: Once in the last coupla years I was pondering immortality, and for a flash I actually think I felt it, and it rendered everything MEANINGLESS. It was a horrible, horrible feeling. I'll never forget it. I also thought to myself, "Well, the vampires seem to grow to hate it!"
Bunny 20 No Yes Yes
Kathleen 18 Yes Yes Yes
Matt Cramp 18 Yes No No No comment, really. Sorry.
Jim Roach 32 Yes No Yes
Franco 18 Yes Yes Yes
Adam 21 Yes Yes Yes
Andrew 20 Yes Yes No
Tariq Kamal 22 Yes Yes Yes Option #1's pretty interesting. I mean, the question of whether the copy would still be me itself is moot -- either way, my descendents will have someone interesting to talk to, assuming they find me interesting (if not, the screw them. Whippersnappers). Pretty much goes with option #2. Whether I'd still be me after going through half a dozen bodies would not matter; at least, not to me. Option #3 is my favourite: I can choose to live forever, as myself, but if I choose to, I can stop my treatments and die.
ian powell 14 Yes No No
Jacquilynne 26 Yes No Yes
Smartacus 30 No Yes Yes
ssjsamuel 22 No No Yes Immortality is a vary real possibility according to March issue of discovery magazine Biologist Cynthia Kenyon has made worms live six times longer than their normal life span. Usually the worms live about 20 days. Her worms lived more than 125 days. She is also the cofounder of Elixir Pharmaceuticals, a company that plans to apply her findings and those of other researchers to create a human anti-aging pill. Recently, with a few more changes, she has extended their life span twenty fold.
Arya 26 Yes Yes Yes
Max Kushner 23 Yes Yes Yes wow, all so appealing!Is any research coming from this? I'm curious...
Zahnnie 20 No Yes Yes Fascinating!Being a greedy wench, I have to say no to the first one- everyone seems to luck out (by having my fabulous self as a conversational buddy) but me (since I end up dying). No no, says I!I like the pill method better than cloning, because I can choose to grow older but never younger. Which is good really, because who the hell wants to go through puberty again? Or even to have that choice? I /know/ someday it would be too tempting, and I'd do it; and I'd never forgive myself. Far safer to take the mystical pill.
Sean Lucas 18 No Yes No
Dinah 38 Yes Yes Yes I'm already working on the first, after a fashion. Much backfilling of the rest of my life to be done in the blog before it's got anything like enough data to stock a personality, though.
Donna D. D. 24 No Yes Yes I think, I would find, perverse amusement in watching my 'old body' go up in flames, or to even watch the new one grow in a test tube. Puts a whole new spin on what color my hair is this month. Karma?
Midnight Cowboy 22 No No Yes The first's an emulation of me, but it isn't all me. It'd be a duplication of my mind, but we wouldn't share the same consciousness.The second one raises this question: Why doesn't the new body have its own consciousness? Shouldn't it be allowed to exist? It would be selfish if it means denying it the right to exist and think on its own, to purge it and replace it with yourself.The third one's the best. Sarx, pneuma, soma. The holistic me. Uff uff uff.
Ashera 20 Yes Yes Yes
Rick Sim 20 No No Yes
Ornen 14 Yes Yes Yes
Mark 27 Yes No No The upload is intriguing, in that it would allow people in the future an otherwise impossible look into the past, yet I myself wouldn't actually live indefinitely. As far as the others are concerned, I think that the limited time we have in this life is a key factor in who we are. It gives a greater urgency to the decisions we make regarding how we use our time.
Diogo Campos 29 No Yes Yes
Katherine Grannison 20 Yes No Yes The first one appeals to me especially because of a book by Greg Egan called Diaspora in which software copies travel to distant starts and are able to exist in multiple states, some of them extra-dimensional. Oh yes. 5d Katie.
Craig Liley 25 Yes No No
Spiff 33 No No Yes
Elizabeth Fong 17 Yes No Yes
Jason 43 No Yes Yes
Lily 24 Yes No Yes
Devonin 20 Yes Yes No
Charlotte 17 No Yes Yes Wow. Thought-provoking.The upload would make me uncomfortable - if it's exactly like me but a faster thinker and immortal, I would feel somewhat redundant.I prefer the greater element of control present in the second and third methods, especially as I think that immortality would become boring eventually. Sooner or later, people will choose to die.
blgrwh 25 Yes No No upload, i can exchange emails with myself hopefully, and instead of the pill, i would rather use the methods of: yoga, chi gong, inner-fire yoga, dzogchen, Toltec magical passes, or what some Christians would call
Sketcherator 26 No No No
Carlin 15 Yes No Yes
Judy 48 No Yes Yes
Dana 39 Yes No Yes
Rachael 22 Yes Yes Yes These questions are thought provoking. The lack of mention of any bad side effects is interesting.Of the 3, I think I'd prefer "the pill" as the best choice. It seems to give a bit more control of this non-aging that you intend to do. Sure, at the moment it seems good to live forever, but in 100 years, what will I think?
Corrina 28 No Yes No I love the physicality of flesh too much to upload. The pill option limits me to stopping or starting but not reversing. Cloning however.... I will be sweet sixteen again muhahahahahaha!what I like is the idea of Cybernetics a la the book The Reality Dysfunction - plug me into the network baby! And the ability to grow new limbs rather than whole new bodies... and also cybernetically replace limbs too Luke Skywalker style
Crooktooth 35 Yes Yes Yes
Porsche Roth 30 No Yes No
alissa watkins 25 Yes Yes Yes i would love an immortality pill and would definitely take one if i couldnote: i have been interested in this for over 10 years
Abigail 20 No No No
mariah 12 Yes Yes Yes
kikio 23 Yes Yes Yes lalalalalalalala u guys are crazy yesu r u crazy i think your crazy lalalala hahahahah hehehehhoha hmmm....UR CRAZY!!
Renee 17 No Yes No
ricky 19 Yes No No
ricky 19 Yes No No To tell the truth, I fear having my mind around for so long, it scares me almost too much to think about it, but that upload doesn't bother me in the least.
David Chuhay 23 Yes Yes No
Kevin 19 Yes Yes Yes
Simon Bainbridge 29 Yes No Yes Its a shame actual conciousness and self identity isnt fully understood coz I like option upload, you could even be uploaded into a robotic body.
Annie Lalla 33 Yes Yes Yes I love life, it's my favorite thing ever...
Ruben Daniels 25 No Yes Yes
Vivian 20 No No Yes
William Meltsner 14 No Yes Yes
lethe 20 No No No
Patrick Mitchell 17 Yes Yes No
Alex barnard 18 Yes Yes Yes
jan 51 No Yes Yes
Mike Sherman 32 Yes Yes Yes intresting.. but currently i would do all three in a heart beat... i got too much to do in this life.... and it will take 5 life times to compleate >.< tho i do admit playing PP is one of them >.> can we say free dubs
Kalev Tait 27 Yes No Yes I only would not take the second one as I suspect that the sudden change from old body to young body may drive the victim insane, as seen in Bruce Sterlings 'Holy Fire'
William Germ 27 No No Yes
Septimus Severus 37 Yes Yes Yes Purely on the basis this would defeat the last vestiges of Life after Death then yes.Sadly though knowing some people they would still exploit the idea of death as parallel plane of existing worth exploring….first hand.
Niniane 26 No Yes Yes
Kirt Lemons 40 Yes Yes Yes Not only 'Yes', but 'Hell Yes!"
Tim Johnson 37 Yes Yes Yes I am completely putting aside all the fascinating ethical questions raised by these ideas. From a purely personal perspective they offer irresistable adventures and I want to experience them all. I find the red option most appealing because it is the most transformative and experimental.
Rachael Evans 41 No No Yes Seems like herbs would be the way to go; since herbs simply "tell" your body what to do and how to go about doing it, this option seems like it would lead to learning how to regenerate without the need for the pill. Clones make me queasy. The idea of a super advanced me also makes me a bit nauseous.
Alex Holdsworth 32 Yes Yes Yes I would like to see "what happens next" - forever.
Alexia 36 No Yes Yes
Ken 19 Yes No No
Brittany 15 Yes No Yes
Ross Popoff 24 Yes No No
Sara 26 No No Yes The pill seems to be the only solution that offers "true immortality" -- forever in your current body, no transplants or transfers or whatnot. I also appreciate the opportunity for reversal, where you can make the decision for yourself to become "mortal" once more. Y'know, once you realize that one (or ten) lifetimes is enough!
harry 17 Yes Yes Yes
Chris Blagg 24 No Yes Yes
Matthew Toner 36 Yes Yes Yes
Oisin O Sullivan 25 Yes Yes Yes
Hmm... how did i get here? 29 Yes No Yes
molly 36 No Yes Yes
wayne 19 Yes Yes Yes ftw.
Marc 35 Yes Yes Yes
Jennifer 24 Yes No Yes What the hell....lets get going.
clare scotney 32 Yes Yes Yes can i please have the immortality pill
Tammy Sanders 48 Yes Yes Yes Ohhh, Daniel. It would be just like you to make me think about this stuff. Thanks for giving me a window to my soul.
Bel 19 No Yes No
Sean 16 No Yes Yes
Kerry Bryson 32 No Yes Yes I trip out on my blog about immortality and medical advances. It was funny when a friend pointed out you had this quiz up. Ta.
Par Winzell 36 No No No I like my aging like whipped cream. Maybe with strawberries.
Maria 25 No No No Interesting.
Matt 16 No Yes Yes
Aaron 20 Yes Yes Yes
David Fonner 24 Yes Yes Yes All these options sound like great fun. I could finally get in a perfectly matched game of Street Fighter if I could play against my uploaded self.
Minny 13 Yes Yes Yes
Becky 40 No No Yes
J. Kort 24 No No No The idea that you could talk to yourself via upload is rather unnerving to me. Largely because if you saw fit to copy yourself once... why wouldn't your copy choose the same option? So the world would have an infinate ammount of ME floating around at various stages of maturity and intelligence. The clone method probably appeals to me the most because my body has several issues and swapping to a perfected version seems to me the way to go. However after much thought if everyone had this technology the abuse would be astronomical, not only could you put your mind into your own body but you could switch to another... Crimes would be impossible to stop as people could trade bodies after the fact, and even innocent people could be framed with the same system. Finally the pill... as mentioned my body is already pretty shot, I'd need a new one to enjoy life eternal. Also unless you convinced people to stop breeding in their prime, we'd have a hell of a large population problem to cope with quite shortly. My only answer to this survey has to be I'll die when it comes. Till then I'll live daily and hope for longevity.
katie 11 Yes Yes Yes
Rob Roberts 26 No Yes No
Bo 29 No Yes Yes
Michael Elmer 15 Yes No No Existing for centuries in a human form can be SO tiring...
C 31 No No Yes
Anna 26 Yes No Yes
Meg Hiesinger 28 No No No I am holding out on the "yes"'s for these because still not sure that the non-human technology of the weird universe hasn't got some of these tricks waiting in other forms - providing we make it to the next round. So I might change my mind on these answers if that other stuff doesn't pan out.A great dinner last night - thank you again. It was fun talking to you and it would be fun to hang out again. . if only because now I have a few questions about Clone option and because I want to know if it would be ok to just use Upload to write my dissertation for me (?)
Adam Studdart 21 Yes No Yes I would upload and take the pill, but with clone, your only exchaning your mind, not your soul, I could give anyone my memory but it wouldn't make them me...
Almira 17 No No No I have never realized that I don't really consider immortality as a choice for me. I've always thought that I am afraid to die.... Well... Perhaps not anymore, based on my answers... =) But, really, I am scared of being immortal. I don't want to see people dying everyday around me, while I know that I am fated to live as long as I want. (Hmmmm....makes me think: perhaps, I could take the pill? o.O Hmmmm.... Maybe not. I don't want to cheat death, however big a cheater Death is) This is actually a very nice questionnaire. =)
JAmes 17 Yes Yes Yes
Larry Cooper 23 Yes Yes Yes
Brianna 21 No No No Why would you want to stay on earth when there is such a better place waiting?
Sarah 21 Yes Yes No
Jim Dobson 26 Yes Yes Yes i liked your site
Christine 27 No Yes No Uploading idea gives me goosebumps... the Pills is OK, but looking at what I learn as I mature would rather not interrupt that sequence. I'll go clone though :).
Hannah 12 No Yes Yes
Andrew Levitt 26 Yes Yes Yes
T 23 Yes No Yes The least possible pill is also the most tempting. Life stinks :/
Matthew Martin 15 No No Yes
breck 43 Yes Yes Yes
Nathan Curtis 24 No Yes Yes I don't think I like the idea of a computer simulating my mind. What if it decides the fleshy remnants just aren't worth keeping around?I also enjoy a great many physical activities far too much (and plan to learn many more) to be willing to ditch them all for a purely virtual world. Theres nothing quite as exciting as moving under your own power at speeds that are capable of breaking limbs or worse.In the "Mars" series by Kim Stanely Robinson, there was a DNA therapy you could undergo that is very similar to this pill concept, and it sounded great to me.
Tom 14 Yes Yes Yes
Christian 15 No Yes Yes
jimmy 15 Yes No Yes the pill would be fun and i want to be on my own desktop :)
Benny Boy 14 Yes No Yes i like pie so i can eat it all the time. :)
burnt face man 1028 Yes Yes Yes i have tried all of these thing and it is THE BEST!!! TAKE THAT CRIME!!!!!!!
Shinrai 20 Yes Yes Yes Hehe, who wouldn't?
Lilly 35 Yes No No Death is better than life.
Jean-Marc 19 No No Yes
jay 14 Yes No Yes very interesting question but it is about time some one ask me this dumb question lol.
Rick Wright 16 Yes No No
bob 23 No No Yes
Kathryn 18 No Yes Yes
Nicole 17 Yes Yes No
Luis Levy 26 Yes Yes No Uploading / cloning are great. That is, if I decide to stick around. If I get curious about death, I'll die and deal with it.
Amanda Jean 22 Yes No Yes Given too much time I think everyone goes mad and loses perspective on reality. With new bodies, maybe you could even change gender, eventually leaving you a undefined personality that has no basis in form, only thought and idea. On the otherhand, I would love little more to be able to take pills long enough to walk and live on another planet's surface.
Lisa Pulliam 24 No No Yes Very thought provoking. I have learned that I like to be in control. Hmmm...interesting.
jesse 22 Yes Yes Yes
leroni 26 No No Yes
Dantina 19 Yes Yes Yes
Bob 14 Yes No No Some things i don't do because everone must die sometimes
Mary Kate Hernandez 34 Yes Yes Yes Oh the possibilities...
rose 22 Yes No Yes i'd upload myself so i can remember what i use to be like before i started taking the pill and see hows i've changed
Tania 36 No No No Sheesh. Yer nuts =D
james 49 No Yes Yes
Jorge Gonzales 26 Yes Yes Yes
Florian 23 Yes Yes Yes
Sarah 18 No Yes No
Ginny 39 Yes Yes Yes Of course - to all of them.
Michael 15 No Yes Yes
georgia 23 Yes Yes Yes
Gustav 38 Yes No No ho! get go!
Emmy 21 No Yes Yes fol-de-rol
Angie 27 Yes Yes No
T 28 No Yes Yes
Collin Drake 17 No No Yes
Shelly 37 Yes Yes Yes
mamaparite 38 No Yes Yes Interesting questionnaire. The first one is especially imaginative. Thanks.
John Goodman 30 No No No
Stephanie 29 Yes No No It would be neat to get to know what my great grandmother might have been like, but it would be like an interactive museum tour. Folks are meant to be mortal.
jaime 22 No Yes Yes
Maurizio 41 Yes Yes Yes
Sam Eaton-Rosen 17 Yes Yes Yes All these ways seem pretty free from obvious downsides. <3
Lauren 26 Yes Yes Yes
john 23 Yes Yes Yes i would take any method of extending my life.if i could make it permanent i much to see so little time.
Cassandra 18 No No Yes
peter marathas 12 Yes No Yes
Erez Bosch 16 No No Yes interesting...hard choice
All Saints and Souls Days 36 No Yes No I would wish for a sort of personalized psychological analysis of and comprehension of the possible and obvious ramifications of having a clone of me be the host of my transplanted/transported mind. Maybe selective memory is not possible, but the sort of mental wherewithal to cope, deal with, comprehend and manage the implications of immortality would be necessary, if not crucial to survivability. Naturally, I would want to be absolved of any previous wrongdoing, but I would also seek physical modification or enhancement of facial features to ensure a fresh start is possible, or even just relocation would be enough. I would possibly require a few decades to disappear into obscurity and reconsider what kinds of personality traits, what sorts of thought possesses and so on are appropriate for the present era.
Lynn 23 Yes No Yes Daniel, please update your numerous websites. Cobaltians are booooored :(
Trowzers 30 Yes Yes Yes My answer for all three questions is yes, as long as there is an option for 'euthenasia'. The possibility of euthenasia already exists in many countries for those with terminal illnesses; I think that there is also a possibility that, given the option of eternal existence, there might also be a natural endpoint for mental life. That said, many brilliant minds have been suddenly lost in the middle of a vibrant existance (<3 Douglas Adams, to name one) so I would take the option to keep going - there are still far too many things to experience!Still (and I can't say it better than Susan Ertz) "Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon."
Danny 11 Yes Yes Yes ????
Alicia Smith 30 No No No
Brian 57 No Yes No I like a combination of clone / pill
b a hill 50 Yes No Yes
Max 16 Yes Yes Yes
SirBruce 38 Yes Yes Yes
Susana 55 Yes Yes Yes don't know about immortality - might get boring after a few hundred years or so, but for the moment l have WAY too much energy and fun and intellectual curiosity to start growing old, so yea - bring on the newer body thing! although - 16... urrgh - can we restart at around 23, please?
Murray Chu 22 Yes No Yes
dIoN 29 Yes Yes Yes What about the non-invasive mind scan, so that its not a copy of you in the server, but the 'real' you. Of course, the process has to be done slowly, or at least gradually.
blue 24 No No Yes i would take the pill, but probably not over and over until forever. as i know myself at some point i would stop, probably when i have seen enough, donr enough or got bored to wait for my end.
Michael Wagner 16 Yes Yes Yes
Immortal Fd 38 Yes Yes Yes
Karen 26 Yes No Yes
John Hesketh 0 Yes No Yes Even if i get so old that I fart dust, I would still hope to have a young mind and heart.To grow old disgracefully is a worthy mission. To act irresponsibly is a teenage way of life!
Raven 31 Yes Yes Yes So long as other people aren't allowed to do these things *and* breed. The world's already too populous for my liking. Upload is obviously better for that reason, since then I could live in an environment with plenty of space, virtual space being free and infinite.Those options don't even sound like any of them involve a sacrifice of quality of life. I'd go for immortality even at the cost of, say, having to eat only tasteless nutrition bars, or stay in a 20 mile radius of a specific point.
Lauraine Andren 67 Yes Yes Yes
Mike Jackson 40 Yes Yes Yes
dee 25 Yes Yes Yes
Sarah 15 No Yes Yes
Lisa 39 Yes Yes Yes
Faith 31 No No No The cloned body is tempting - but comes up against the moral quandary 'what happens to the existing brain/mind in the new body, don't they have personhood too?' I would rather my existing body went through a variety of metamorphosis (morphosi?) so that I could experience a new variety of physicality every hundred years or so.
James Hutchings 23 No No Yes
Bloop 20 No No Yes
Francesco 19 No Yes Yes
james mcdonnell 43 Yes Yes Yes All seem preferable to not having the choice.
Natasha 37 No Yes Yes
Sim 35 Yes No No
Mackenzie 15 Yes Yes Yes
Svetlana Boyer-Smith 42 No Yes No Upload: No. To have a clone present while "I" am not present? The thought would freak me out. Clone: YES!! GO back to 16 and HAVE SEX HAVE ALL THE SEX HAVE SO MUCH GREAT GREAT SEX with this body that was MADE for sex but didn't have the right mind for it at the age. Then age, fuck some more, then die. Pill: Nah, because if I have to determine when to stop, I would probably get miserable. That's why vampires are so sad. Right? Why else? Oh, yeah, Vit-D deficiencies. Sorry, Angel. ALL OF THEM: I'd wait a while until other people have done it, so there's no horrible unforseen side-effects. There always are! I'm a LATE ADAPTER.
Oliver 18 Yes Yes Yes fuck yes
Bonnie Harmon 46 No Yes Yes The first option is a little scary, because something else would be taking over and being me without the real me being able to acknowledge whether I agree or disagree. The other two work, since in both cases it is really me that continues to exist.
Endy 40 Yes Yes Yes I'm stunned that anyone would reject any but the first option, though I guess the "soul"/"consciousness" problem kind of applies to the second option as well.
matt 25 No Yes Yes
Thomas 42 Yes Yes Yes
J 49 Yes Yes Yes of course!
john 34 No Yes Yes
Morgana 38 Yes No Yes
Niniane 37 Yes Yes Yes All of these sound good!
Mellow 17 Yes No Yes Sometimes, less is more.
Quaid 24 Yes Yes Yes
Zane 19 Yes Yes Yes
pok 18 Yes Yes Yes It might urge you to check this out
Hempline 32 Yes No Yes
Keren 37 No Yes Yes
Yellow May 24 No Yes Yes
M 23 Yes Yes Yes
William 21 No No Yes
NO 24 Yes Yes Yes NO