The Immortality Questionairre

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Would you choose to live longer - perhaps forever?

What methods of immortality are palatable to you?

The Immortality Questionairre asks a few 'Would you?' yes or no questions about specific methods of defeating aging.

Some of us are in favour of any and all methods of longeivity, others care for none. Many people find one of these prospects abhorent whilst others are quite attractive. Answer the questions honestly.

Each question should be considered independently - as if each option were the only currently available option for continued life. The question for each is not 'Would I do this now?' but rather 'Would I *ever* do this?' Bear in mind that your attitude could change as you grow older.

Twice four, plus one?

Your mind can be non-invasively scanned and simulated in a jolly powerful computer. Once there, this software copy of yourself appears to be, in all ways, a perfect fascimile of yourself. It is intelligent, emotional and writes good email. Because it is a software creature, it lives in virtual environments (and writes a lot of email), and it's probably a much quicker thinker than your biological self will ever be. It's also likely to be immortal, as all it needs for continued survival is a server to host it, and these are cheap and commonplace. It can, of course, copy itself - so one of you could be installed on a rocketship to make the sub-light journey of years to distant stars. Note: your physical self is not harmed at all by this process.

Your great-great-grandchildren can exchange witty email with you.

Do you upload?


Your body can be cloned from a small sample. Your new body can be fast-grown to any age you desire in a vat. You can then transfer your mind into this shiny new body. For the purposes of this question, your old body is disposed of in a suitably reverent manner. If you like, this question could be taken to be roughly equivalent to a very extreme age-reversal treatment: one that left essentially nothing of your previous physical self aside from your mind. You should probably consider that your actual grey matter is transplanted. Of course, this new body could be improved in various ways from your old one.

You can be sweet sixteen again...

Do you clone?

There is a wonderful new pill that prevents you from getting any older. Keep taking it, and you never age a day. Stop, and you start aging again. You can stop and start so often as you like. Assume that this comes bundled with medical advances that allow even an older person to enjoy full health.

You can linger in your prime for centuries...

Do you take the pill?