Barrels in the Bit Stream

White Page Gulch, James-town.

You stand in the dust of the main street. The glare of the midday sun
bleaches out your surroundings. Here be a Wanted Poster, some ragged
notes nailed to a pole, a mailbox and a sign.

You are strangely unsurprised by a giant Pirate ship beached in
the desert nearby.


A tattered broadsheet of disreputable provenance flutters by
in the hot wind.

- examine mailbox

The mailbox is a bright red cylinder. It looks curiously out of place.
Above the dark horizontal slot are scratched the letters 'remove pie'

- ex poster

The poster displays the leering visage of the dreadful outlaw Daniel
James. Beneath scrolls a litany of his unspeakable crimes.


A tumbleweed rolls past, stirring up dusty veils behind it.

- ex notes

The notes are faded and torn. One is titled 'A visit to The Gathering 98'
and another 'Aggregators vs. MUDs', the third note, Olivia.


A rusty old tin can rattles past in the dry wind.

- ex sign

The venerable sign is muddy and paints a ragged list in faded letters.
    pick a point on the singularity graph
    the legendary interactive immortality questionnaire
    obligatory Burning Man image gallery
    learned treatise on online game design
    entire photo album, inc. cute baby shots and enormous great-aunts
There follows some illegible text and finally the words 'Real Soon Now!'

- exits

You glance around anxiously, but cannot spot any exits!

- whistle

You whistle a doleful melody.


A leathery old cow boy approaches. He creaks as he swaggers.


The cowboy squints at you and hurls a scroll at your feet.
'Go on, git outta town!' he growls, spits and paces away cursing.

- get map

You pick up the scroll.

- read scroll

You unfurl the scroll. It is ancient and weathered. On one side, you
discern a map of the lands here and far abouts.

The other side of the scroll describes a straight path to a nearby
western town known as San Francisco.